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What Role Does Packaging Play in the Customer Journey?

Packaging is a powerful and often overlooked opportunity to connect with customers in lasting ways. While packaging may not convince a first time shopper to make a purchase, it will make them fall in love once they did. 

Net-A-Porter is an eCommerce leader in the luxury space. Their customer loyalty and overall satisfaction is exceptional. Each aspect of their customer’s purchase path has been considered. The carefully curated product buys create a heightened desire of exclusivity and high taste level. 

Customers who purchase are treated to extraordinary and personalized customer service and beautiful packaging. Every order no matter the size, is delivered in iconic matte black boxes which exude luxury. Around each box is the quintessential black ribbon tempting the customer to unwrap and unbox. Beneath the layers are generous amounts of high quality tissue paper which matches perfectly to the hue of black of the outer box. Everything is in it’s place perfectly folded and packed face up for her eyes to feast on the garment within. 

Net-a-Porter has amassed a wide base of loyalists and their successful packaging is coveted by fashion community. The sight of the boxes stand out from anything else, and represent pure taste and style. This moment has even made it’s ways into their print advertising campaigns as the stacks of boxes build in the entryways to New York City’s most lovely of homes or being carted in by flawless porters. 

These boxes go beyond being a mere vehicle to deliver each customer’s purchase, but a reminder of that moment they peeled back the layers and fell in love. For some the memory and experience is so strong that these boxes stack up in wardrobes and closets indefinitely among their treasured garments. 

Brands who invest in their product packaging and work in the unboxing ritual as part of the overall customer experience will undoubtedly expect a higher level of loyalty. Purchases will have a higher level of perceived value for the customer, and for the brand it is another opportunity to deepen their bond with them. This may present opportunities where customers are inclined to share their experience verbally but also even capture and share an unboxing moment for their social channels. This leads even greater brand value as these become social currency and a means for brand amplification.